Press quotes

“It’s the melancholy of the everyday moments that allows the photographer Jürgen Bürgin to captivate the viewer.” Pauline Piskam, Der Tagesspiegel


“Bürgin is a rounder of street photography. […] For [Knut] Elstermann Bürgin’s photos have something mysterious, unfathomable, and for him their creator is one of those quiet geniuses who make their daily job unpretentiously and then, in their second, secret life, surprisingly create something great.‘ Andreas Kurtz, Berliner Zeitung


“The photos that Jürgen Bürgin is presenting in his first solo exhibition are telling amazing stories. Whether in black and white or in color, whether in New York, Chicago, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo and his adopted home of Berlin – he captures moments that no movie director and no novelist could have come up more atmospheric or more enchanting.“ Patrick Heidmann, Greatest Berlin Magazin


“On Twitter we discovered him, on Facebook we immediately liked him, on Instagram we do not get enough of him! […] We are talking about a unique photographer, who tells heart-rending stories with each of his images – Urban Ballads.“


“The career of the photographer Jürgen Bürgin seems like a modern urban fairy tale: Just three years ago the Berliner by choice […] began to take pictures, initially mainly on the streets of Berlin. His poetic and often melancholic images were quickly recognized and appreciated in the international art photography scene. […] Today, Jürgen Bürgin has a strong following as a photographer with more than 18,000 followers on Twitter.“